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  • "Mallo Cups are my favorite! Thanks for great service and super fast shipping. The delivery was prompt and the goodies were delicious!"
    Sarah, PA
  • "Your products are great!"
    Kevin, VA
  • "You guys are great. Prompt and courteous. Thanks so much."
    Brenda, FL

Take a short trip down memory lane with Boyer Candy Company at our Boyer Candy Factory in Altoona, Pennsylvania. This fun virtual tour will take you inside the plant that produces our delicious American made candy! See how the famous Mallo Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, and Smoothie cups are made, and get an insider view on where we make the very best gluten free candy for you! With a cool unique split screen view, you get to see how our Mallo Cups used to be made and how they’re made today!

Our retro candy might be made a little differently today, but one thing is still the same, our delicious recipe and passion for creating the very best gluten free candy. Join Boyer Candy Company on this short journey and learn how Boyer Candy Company continues to pump out the best gluten free, retro, delicious, American made, and kosher candy!