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Whether an old fan looking to buy your favorite retro candy or a sweet tooth looking for the finest American made candy, is the perfect destination to get your Boyer Candy fix. At you’ll find Smoothie Cups, Mallo Cups, and so much more, in a variety of options from single items to bulk items.Boyer Candy is an American classic, and still produces delicious candy in the United States.

If you’re looking for the finest gluten free candy and kosher candy, Boyer Candy is the only choice. Whether new to the delicious Mallo Cup or a seasoned fan, we’re sure you’ll love the delectable and delicious flavor of creamy milk chocolate and fluffy marshmallow. If you’re a fan of peanut butter, you’ll love the unique combination of crunchy peanut butter and butterscotch found in our incredible Smoothie Cups. Boyer Candy is the originator of cup candy, and has perfected the cup candy throughout our long history. At, we keep the classic Boyer tradition alive. You’ll still find Play Money in every pack of Smoothie Cups and Mallo Cups which can be used to purchase awesome Boyer gifts. From candy to other Boyer merchandise, shop today!

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Patty Peanut Butter Doll - 7.5"
Price: $11.95
Patty Peanut Butter Doll - 7.5"
Patty Peanut Butter stuffed toy - Great for kids!
Smoothie Cups - 15 lbs. (OS)
Price: $59.95
Smoothie Cups - 15 lbs. (OS)
THIS PRODUCT IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK AND WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON - ALL ORDERS WILL BE PLACED ON BACK ORDER AND SHIPPED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 420 pieces of .5 oz. funsize bites. 15 pounds total. Perfect for parties, college dorms, and more!
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