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The Sweet History of the Boyer Mallo Cup


Long before the Boyer Mallo Cup, and since the time of the ancient Egyptians, marshmallow has been a staple in the hearts of mankind. Whether in its raw form coming straight from the sap of the Mallow plant or mixed with honey and grains, marshmallow has been a treat for centuries. The Mallow plant grows in salty marshes, hence its name.

Even though mallow was used for years as a medicine, it’s best known as the sweet and tasty treat that it is. You can thank the French for the whipped and sweet marshmallow we have today. In the 1900s, the Boyer Brothers decided to take that sweet marshmallow and cover it in chocolate. After many failed attempts, one finally succeeded, and the Boyer Mallo Cup was born!

Enjoy a Timeless Boyer Mallo Cup

For over 80 years, the Boyer Mallo Cup has been gracing the candle aisle of supermarkets all over the world. With a history just as rich as the first marshmallows, Boyer Candy Mallo Cup will be around for years to come. When you’re craving a delicious and chocolaty treat, just reach for the first cup candy made exclusively in the United States. Whether you’re a candy lover or are just sinking your teeth into a Boyer Mallo Cup for the first time, the nostalgic candy brings you back to a simpler time.

With its own special place in marshmallow history, the Boyer Mallo Cup is not only delicious and unique, but it’s one of the most popular candies in the world. As one of the few candies that has stood the test of time, Boyer Mallo Cups are classic. This retro candy becomes modern with a gluten-free transformation, so no one will be denied the sweet taste of marshmallow!

With packs of two, the Boyer Mallo Cup is perfect for eating alone or sharing with a friend. Find them in your local grocery store, or order online for your own secret stash! To order a case or to learn more about the history of this sweet treat, visit Boyer Candy today.