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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Peanut Butter Candy and More


Boyer has been one of the pioneers of the concept of peanut butter candy and our Mallo Cups have been around a really long time, delighting and pleasing people for nearly 8 decades! Everyone has a nostalgic recollection of our sweet treats: a festive occasion sweetened by our candy, a birthday celebration made brighter because of a favorite treat, a Halloween made more memorable by the presence of those distinctive cup candy packets and so on.

What Is Your Favorite Peanut Butter Candy Memory?

Do you think back to the old times when you find a cardboard coin in with the chocolate? Sufficient numbers of coins could fetch you some more sweet treats or some prizes!  Those who grew up eating and loving our peanut butter candy and other varieties of candy are transported to happier, simpler times by the same heavenly, consistent taste of these delicious delights.

Our candy meant more to some than it did to others. For example, children with allergies to chocolate found much joy in receiving Boyer Smoothie Cups. Everyone has their own varying memories including some or many of the different types of Boyer Candy.

Dig Into to Some Candy; Dig into Some Nostalgia

Because of the nostalgia that so many out there associated with our candy, we have retained not only the same wholesome goodness of the candy, but also that much loved, evocative retro packing. So even today, when you open up a package of our cup candy, you will be transported back to a happy old memory. You will experience the same anticipation from those characteristic yellow and red candy packets and that matchless joy that the unforgettable taste of the original peanut butter candy brings you.

Difficult to Find? Order Online!

If you’re still trying to satisfy your craving for peanut butter candy and other flavors from Boyer Candy, but it’s difficult to locate the candy in stores, simply place an order online. The candy will arrive specially packed, fresh and delicious as ever, delivered right to your doorstep! Take a look at your options today!