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Show How Much You Care with Congratulations Candy!


Boyer Candy is for pretty much any occasion — it makes Christmas or Easter sweeter still for friends and family, and our congratulations candy assortments are for significant life events such as the arrival of a new baby or a graduation and so much more! We also have more special assortments and gift packs for other events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or Halloween. You can give candy for any special achievement — sweet treats that are bound to be appreciated and cherished!

Life Events

Did a friend land a great new job? Gift them the gift of congratulations candy! Did your colleague get a well-deserved raise or promotion? Give a gracious gift to say well done! If you are invited to an anniversary party for any special occasion, a chocolate hamper is always a great gift. After all, who can say no to Boyer Candy? For those that have special requirements based on faith or food intolerances or allergies, you can opt for some of our kosher candies or our gluten-free options.

Corporate Gifts

Our chocolate hampers come in various sizes and product assortments that include our nostalgia-inducing Mallo Cups, our drool-inducing Smoothie cups, our special chocolate covered pretzels and our unforgettable range of chocolate barks and pretzel barks. This makes them a popular choice as corporate gifts.

When those sweet treats go out to your employees, clients or other business associates, they will really know how much you appreciate and value them and their work or their custom! Your employees, clients and business associates and their families are bound to think of you fondly when they bite into some of the heavenly goodness of Boyer Candies. Plus you make a patriotic statement when you opt for a gift that is proudly made in the USA!

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our congratulations candy or to find out about special corporate gift customizations. You can call us at 1-814-944-9401 or use our contact form to ask us a question or to find out about shipping and deliveries.