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Satisfy Your Patriotic Sweet Tooth with American Candy


For candy lovers, there are different flavors and brands all over the world. From the rich chocolate of Germany to the spicy flavored types in Mexico, there are a variety of candies to try. However, nothing is more patriotic and special than American-made candy.

Boyer Candy is one of the biggest suppliers of American candy in the United States. Not only does the sweet candy have a tradition that goes back over 85 years, but it has lasted the test of time. The iconic Mallo Cup has been passed from generation to generation and has remained an American staple.

When you’re searching for American candy online, Boyer Candies has the best selection of sweet treats for you to buy. From the Mallo Cup to Peanut Butter Cups, there’s something for every unique taste. Shop for yourself of shop for a friend. Our American candy online makes the perfect gift or treat for loved ones.

Need Gluten-Free American Candy?

Not only does Boyer Candy offer the best selection of American-made candy, but our candy is all gluten free. For those suffering from celiac disease, finding candy that fits within their diet restrictions isn’t easy. We pride ourselves on providing the best American candy online for those suffering from diet restrictions. Our wide selection of candy is made right in the USA and is completely gluten free!

Boyer Candy has been an American tradition for decades. With the best selection of candy and gifts available, we always have something to please every sweet tooth. From Valentine’s Day treats to Christmas gifts, our candy is perfect for the holidays. Our American candy online can be shipped directly to your door for you to enjoy. Never worry about searching aisles and aisles for candy. Our online shopping makes it easy to find what you want quickly.

Order as much or as little of our candy as you would like. Ask about buying our candy in bulk for fundraisers or other club activities! Shop the best American candy online company for your next chocolate craving!