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Pass the Boyer Mallo Cup Down to the Next Generation


Throughout the years, Boyer Candy has been a staple in American households. From the very beginning, the Boyer Mallo Cup has been the go-to candy for families. Since the 1930s, this gluten-free candy has been flying off the shelves. With a gooey, rich center and delectable chocolate coating, the Mallo Cup has been around since America’s golden years. Not only does Boyer Candy continue to grow year after year, but it continues to grow as your family does.

Since the time of the baby boomers, the Boyer Mallo Cup has been the perfect treat for children and adults alike. Our delicious marshmallow cups have been a staple in lunch boxes, after-school snacks, and Christmas stockings for over 85 years. As children grew, so did their love for the delicious treat. Nostalgia keeps Boyer Mallo Cups on the shelves but the wonderful taste keeps them flying off it. Our history is just as rich as the family love that keeps them in homes all over the country.

Enjoy a Boyer Mallo Cup Year After Year

The love for the Boyer Mallo Cup isn’t just something that those baby boomers are alone enjoying. As the generations age, the idea of this American treat is passed down again and again. With each new generation of children, the delicious Boyer Mallo Cup has once again become a staple in the American lunchbox or grocery store treat. The Mallo Cup is perfect for children with food allergies or for those picky kids. Coming in packs of two, they are great for sharing. As the first cup candy produced uniquely in America, they are still one of America’s greatest accomplishments.

There’s nothing more intriguing than sharing with your children something you loved when you were their same age. Sitting down after dinner and sharing a special bond that you once shared with your own parents or grandparents. Instill in your children the idea of an American tradition that is alive and growing.

When you’re ready to pass down your love for the Boyer Mallo Cup, look for them in your local supermarket, or order them online to share with your family and grow their love for our delicious candy.