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Mallo Cup Recipe: Using Chocolate Candy in Your Baking


Trying a Mallo Cup recipe may not be the first choice that enters your mind. But the combination of chocolate and marshmallows make Mallo Cups a versatile ingredient that creates uniquely, tasty desserts. A recipe might call for milk or dark chocolate candy or peanut butter. And you mustn’t forget Smoothie Mallo Cups, which are peanut butter with a butterscotch coating. Incorporate these diverse flavors into some yummy, baker’s delights.

You might assume that a Mallo Cup recipe would never be for breakfast, but think again. Combine peanut butter Mallo Cups with bananas into a pancake mix — and guaranteed — your children will ask for seconds. Or use the dark chocolate candy for waffles, cut some fresh strawberries, add a dollop of whip cream, and sit down to an amazing brunch.    


Every child adores the crunchy sweetness of cookies, and a Mallo Cup recipe delivers just that. A popular combination is dark chocolate Mallo Cups with cookie dough or peanut butter, but add your own chocolate chips. Cookies are easy to store and add to your child’s lunches or serve as a treat after school.

A cake can be baked for any occasions — holidays or birthdays. Heck, even if you want a richer dessert for regular Sunday dinner, a Mallo Cup recipe doesn’t disappoint. For a special birthday, try a Mallo Cup coconut cake, or if you want more bite-sized sweets, add Mallo Fluff to a chocolate cupcake mix and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Mallo Cups can even be melted to make delish drinks. Just follow a Mallo Cup recipe for frozen hot chocolate to cool off in the summer or peanut butter hot chocolate to warm up during chilly days. Both will leave your family happy and satisfied. Boyer Mallo Cups are made with natural ingredients and are gluten free. To learn how to bake a Mallo Cup recipe, visit our recipes page. Maybe you’ll get inspired and come up with your own decadent creation!