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    Sarah, PA
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Let Boyer Candy Assist Your Fundraising Campaign


When you’re looking for the best way to raise money for your school, club, or organization, skip the candles, food kits, and overpriced home decor. For a new twist on fundraising, make Boyer Candy your go-to!

We specialize in helping your group meet their financial goal. Whether you need to raise a few hundred dollars or thousands, our Mallo Cups are hard to resist. Unlike other fundraising candy companies, we offer something for everyone. With affordable candies and options to please any taste, you can guarantee to leave your buyers 100 percent satisfied with their purchase. One purchase and they’ll be hooked on our fundraising candy.

Our gluten-free fundraising candy doesn’t just taste delicious, but it’s safe for you as well! Never worry that you’ll have buyers who can’t eat your delicious candy. With nods to those who suffer from celiac disease or gluten aversion, we know that our Mallo Cups are perfect for everyone. Not only do we have our traditional Mallo Cups for you to sell, but we also have options for Peanut Butter Cups, Triple Twist Pretzels, and Smoothie Cups as well. Which means, you’ll be able to sell to just about everyone!

Sell Your Fundraising Candy Anytime

The best part about choosing Boyer Candy for your fundraising candy, you never have to worry about when and where you can sell! Candy stays fresh for longer and never goes out of style. This means, you never have to meet seasonal deadlines, worry about expiration dates, or revolve around pay schedules.

Fundraising candy is perfect for easy portability, and you can sell and collect your money instantly.

Never worry again that your orders won’t go through and you’ll be left with items you have to pay for yourself. With 50 candy bars per kit, it’s a breeze to sell them all. Let us know how much money you need to make. We’ll determine how long your fundraiser needs to be and how many boxes you’ll have to sell.

Contact Boyer Candy today for more information on how you can use fundraising candy to your benefit. Our well-known candy company can help your tailor your fundraising campaign. We’re happy to be the one you choose to make your club succeed!