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Keep the American Dream Alive With American-Made Candy


The American Dream is something that is often read about, talked about, and heard about. During the early years of American history, people dreamed of the success gained living in this great country. The Boyer brothers were no different. During the rough times of the Great Depression, families turned to different means of making money. On the cusp of the depression years, the Boyer brothers started their American made candy business to help their family survive the tough times.

The business started small in their mother’s kitchen. The candies were made, wrapped, and sold with the help of the entire family. Although door-to-door selling isn’t as popular today, the concept proved to skyrocket the brothers’ small operation to success. Their American made candy started with simple homemade fudge and nut raisin clusters, but soon they widened their repertoire with more and more candy types.

The Invention of the Mallo Cup and Other Candies

As the Boyer brothers added to their candy stash, the idea of marshmallow covered in chocolate was born. After many failed attempts, the family worked together on a solution and voila, the Mallo Cup was born. It was during this time the American-made candy company moved into a large facility and added peanut butter cups and smoothie cups to their selection. They added their “Play Money” program to encourage more and more candy sales.

American-Made Candy That Stands the Test of Time

As one of the few solely American-made candy companies left, both the candy and what the business stands for brings back memories for many. Even though the brothers retired and sold their company in 1969, the idea of the American dream and rich and delicious candy has stayed true for decades. Even now, Boyer Candy remains a staple in the American made candy industry with its ever-changing selection. With new products added often, Boyer Candy has been satisfying the sweet tooth for 70 years!

Whether you’re looking for something to take you back to a simpler time or just enjoy the sweet taste of candy, nothing compares to Boyer Candy. Relive the small-business success of the Boyer brothers the next time you want some candy.