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Boyer Candy Company is proud to offer the best candy fundraising options guaranteed. When you choose our delicious gluten free candy for your candy fundraisers, we’re confident that you will find success. We find it hard to believe anyone could resist the temptation and flavor explosion of Mallo Cups, and we’re sure they’ll be a big hit for your candy fundraising goal.

Candy fundraisers can be run almost any time, and are commonly used for a team or group activities to pay for things to better the group. We offer carrier cases that feature delicious Mallo Cups, Smoothie Cups, Clark Cups, Dark Mallo Cups, and Jimmie Stix. With 50 bars total per kit, we’re sure you’ll have a successful fundraiser! Boyer Candy Company is happy to be your chosen provider for your candy fundraising campaign, and we can’t wait to see you succeed. Boyer Candy Company is a cherished American made candy that makes for the best candy fundraisers. Contact us today to learn more about candy fundraising. 

Fundraising F.A.Q

Should we establish a fundraising goal?
Knowing how much money you need to raise has the following benefits:

  • Helps with the decision of which Boyer product to use
  • Helps with the decision of how many cases to order
  • Helps to motivate participants in the campaign


What should the timing of the campaign be?
A fundraising campaign can be run almost any time. Generally, if the campaign is to raise money for a team or group activities, it is best to run the campaign at the beginning of the season. This is when participants and enthusiasm is typically highest and your results should reflect this.

How long should the campaign be?
The length of the campaign can vary depending on your objectives and the motivation of the fundraisers, but fundraisers don't have to be long to be successful. Typically, a campaign that runs 2 to 4 weeks can be very effective. By setting a specific beginning and ending date of your campaign, it is easier to generate and maintain enthusiasm. For best results, make sure the event is the primary focus of attention.

Should we have a campaign leader?
It's important to have a leader that will stay motivated until the end of the campaign. They should be organized and have good communication skills to ensure everyone is kept informed and energized. For larger groups of young people it is desirable to have adult volunteers to assist the leader. The assistants can help in receiving and distributing the chocolate. It is most important to have one person responsible for collecting the money.

Should we sell Straight packs or Variety packs?
You should have the choice of selling either Straight packs, which contain only one flavor of product, or Variety packs, which have several flavors included.

  • Variety packs are well suited to fundraising sales in the office or work area
  • They offer a variety of flavor choices that appeal to a wider variety of personal preferences
  • Straight pack cases are well suited for selling door to door in the neighborhood because buyers have an easier decision to make


How much product should I order?
Depending on the campaign objective, there are a number of factors that can effect the amount of cases you can sell. Sports teams typically sell 1 to 5 carriers per participant. For a large school-wide campaign, an initial order of one carrier per participant is typical. The most important factors in determining how much product to order are the financial objective and the motivation of the participants. Please keep in mind that fundraising product is non-refundable.

Who manufactures the products you sell?
Boyer is very proud to say that we are the only company that makes all our fundraising products right here in the heartland of the USA- Altoona Pennsylvania. No imports! So when you use Boyer products for your fundraiser, you are not only helping your cause, but you are also helping to keep jobs here in the USA.

How should I receive, store, and distribute the products?
Before accepting your delivery, inspect the shipments for missing and damaged cases. Count the cases to ensure it matches what you ordered and the shipping paperwork. Have the driver make note of any missing or damaged cases. If there are any issues, contact our Customer Service Department at (814) 944-9401.

If you are storing the chocolate prior to distributing it to the fundraisers, store it in a secure, cool and dry area- preferably below 72 degrees. Do not place it in a walk-in refrigerator. Do not store near a heat source such as a furnace, radiator, or windows.

Remember, chocolate is a food item and is heat and odor sensitive. The product has a shelf life of 12 months.

Best location for distributing the product is a gymnasium, cafeteria, or any large area. Make sure notices are sent home for date and time of distribution.

Can any group or organization participate in Boyer Fundraising programs?
Yes, any non-profit program that needs additional money and has a solid base of volunteers willing to help in the fundraising efforts can benefit from our programs. These groups could include:

  • Pre-School/Day Care
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • PTA, PTO
  • Sports Programs
  • Band/Choral
  • Youth Organizations
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • And many others...



Download the form and Fax the completed form to (814) 943-2354 or Call 814-944-9401

Download Program Form

Download Program Flyer

Credit Cards
We accept all major credit cards.

Visa Mastercard Discover American Express

Shipping & Credit Policy

Due to the nature of this item, we cannot accept returns on our fundraising kits. This is to ensure food safety and to guarantee the quality of the products supplied.

Orders are shipped within the Continental United States only. Street addresses are required. We will not deliver to a P.O. Box Number. Boyer Candy Company cannot be responsible for the performance of our carriers or incorrect shipping addresses provided.

Before signing for your delivery, check to see if you have the correct number of cases as noted on your order form. Customers are responsible for verifying all orders upon delivery; all damaged products should be refused at that time.

Please call 814-944-9401 if you have any questions.

Orders may also be picked up at our factory outlet store located at:
821 17th Street
Altoona, PA 16602