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The History of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate history can be dated back thousands of years, but only recently has Boyer Candy Company solidified themselves in the history of this delicious treat. Boyer Candy has proudly been making American made candy since the 1930s but finally introduced a new version of Mallo Cups using delicious and rich dark chocolate. Dark chocolate Mallo Cups were proudly introduced in 2010, and have put Boyer Candy Company on the dark chocolate history timeline since!

Boyer’s old fashioned candy can be easily called retro, but the flavors found in delicious Boyer concoctions are timeless and adored by many. When you’re looking for American made candy that has a long and fruitful history, there’s no better choice than Boyer Candy Company. Whether a fan of the classic Mallo Cup or dark chocolate Mallo Cups, one thing is for certain, Boyer Candy Company has a permanent place in candy history. Find Delicious dark chocolate treats and more at

The History of Chocolate for over 2000 years has been in reality. The History of Dark Chocolate! Milk Chocolate was invented in 1875 by Daniel Peter. For more information please click on the History of Chocolate.