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Dark Chocolate Candy: 5 Ways to Enjoy Mallo Cups


Snacking is an American pastime — whether you’re buying for a Super Bowl get-together or coordinating a weekend BBQ with friends. If you’re always on the hunt to include something different, consider adding Dark Mallo Cups to your party platters, a yummy dark chocolate candy. Mallo Cups are gluten free and made with marshmallow and rich, dark chocolate. It’s a special kind of treat that can be savored so many ways.

1. Enjoy with Friends

Eating is way more fun in a social setting, which is why you should bring Dark Mallo Cups to a party. They are a big hit as an accompaniment or a stand-alone dessert. This decadent dark chocolate candy is a conversation starter at potlucks, game nights, or children’s birthday parties.

2. Try Them in a Recipe
Dark Mallo Cups are so versatile you can use them as the main ingredient in a sweet, delicious recipe. Try them in cakes, brownies, cookies, pies, puddings, or even sundaes. And dark chocolate is healthier and is one of the best sources of antioxidants.

3. On Holidays

Holidays bring out the celebratory spirit in all of us, which makes Dark Mallo Cups perfect for special days. Hand them out as treats during Halloween, or give them to your honey on Valentine’s Day. Anybody with a sweet tooth happily rips open a gift of dark chocolate candy with anticipation.

4. In Your Kids Lunches
Incorporate Mallo Cups into your children’s lunch box. Because they are gluten free, kids with sensitive allergies enjoy them and share some with their classmates. Save yourself baking time by sending a box along with your kids to a school event. There isn’t a kid on the planet that doesn’t adore dark chocolate candy and gooey marshmallows together.

5. For Entertainment

If you’re going to the movies and want to save money on concessions, slip a few Mallo Cups into your bag. Since the emergence of HDTV, some people choose to stay home and watch films, which is also the right time to break out some of that dark chocolate candy. Truly, this candy is good to eat anytime!

Hungry yet? Boyer’s Dark Mallo Cups are made in America and with natural ingredients. We guarantee that care and attention has gone into every package of this popular dark chocolate candy. Visit our products page to order your box now.