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Choosing the Most Popular Halloween Candy


When children arrive at your doorstep on the hunt for treats this Halloween, what do you have planned? Sure you could opt for the everyday candy that floods stores around that time of year, or you could opt for the most popular Halloween candy, like the Mallo Cup! It is this candy that the kids are going to remember you fondly for; the candy that they will pick out of the lot to cherish and enjoy.

The Mallo Cup

Our most popular Halloween candy, the Mallo Cup, has a long history. When the Boyer brothers first tried to create chocolate-covered marshmallow candy, they found it difficult to get the marshmallow to stiffen. Their sister Emily suggested the use of cupcake papers to create the sweet treats; making the creation of those sublimely delicious Peanut Butter Cups and the Smoothie Cups possible!

Later, other innovations into the cup-candy concept were introduced: the Minty Mallo, Bunch O' Nuts, Jamboree and the Fluffernutter were new varieties introduced in 1969. By 1984, more varieties had been added, such as the foil-molded chocolate novelties for Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, and of course, Halloween!

The All-American Candy Brand

Something else that makes Boyer Candy the most popular Halloween candy is the fact that ours is a name you can trust. In this world of cheap, mass-produced sweets laden with artificial additives, Boyer is a name that stands out.

It is a name that our customers still associate with quality, consistency, innovation, and good old American quality. You know that you can expect the same high quality and the amazing taste when you buy the original Mallo Cups, Dark Mallo Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, the Butterscotch-flavored Smoothie cups, or any of our other varieties.

Reach for Boyer Candies This Halloween

Whether you're planning a party any time of the year, or whether you're looking to stock up for Halloween’s Trick or Treating, check out large packages of Mallo Cups. Being among the most popular Halloween candy, you're going to need a lot of it; so how about a 15-lb economy package of 450 Mallo Cups? Shop online today to find the perfect amount for your needs!