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Candy Fundraising with Boyer Candy


At Boyer Candy Company, we not only make the best selection of gluten free candy, but we also take pride in helping you meet your fundraising goals. Did you know that Boyer Candy Company offers candy fundraising options that are guaranteed to help you reach your fundraising goals? Because nobody can deny the delicious goodness of Mallo Cups, as well as our other delicious treats, Boyer makes the perfect choice when you’re looking for candy fundraising opportunities. Perfect for team or group activities to pay for items that better the group, our candy fundraising options are an excellent choice.

When you choose Boyer Candy for your fundraising needs, you’ll get our carrier case that contains our delicious Boyer treats like:

  • Mallo Cups
  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Clark Cups
  • Jimmie Stix
  • Smoothie Cups
  • Dark Mallo Cups

These delicious carries include 50 bars total per kit, and are an easy way to get the money your organization needs! At, we want to help you have a successful candy fundraiser, which is why we offer such fantastic candy fundraising options.

With our fundraising options you don’t have to settle for our variety carriers, and can request straight packs, that contain only one flavor of product. However, often the variety packs are best suited for fundraising needs. Our variety carriers are perfect for in office sales, and offer a variety of flavors that appeal to a wider audience, however, single pack cases are often sometimes easier to sell door to door, as the customer will make a quicker buying decision.

Our fundraising candy is a proven way to help your organization raise needed funds! Any non-profit program that needs additional money and has members willing to help in fundraising efforts are perfectly suited for a Boyer Candy fundraiser. If you’re looking for the best candy fundraising opportunities, choose Boyer Candy. Boyer Candy makes the finest made in America candy that is gluten free, delicious. And admired by all. Contact Boyer Candy Company today for candy fundraising questions.