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Boyer Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Different From The Rest


In the business of creating great American candy for a long time, we at Boyer Candy have a pretty good idea about what delights your taste buds. We know the importance of offering candy lovers options that are truly new and innovative.  Our chocolate covered pretzels may sound like a familiar concept but believe us, ours are truly different!

First, there is the fact that our American-made candy has a distinctly retro feel to it; our products maintain the same great taste that candy lovers have grown to expect of us over the years. But there is more that makes the Triple-Twist Pretzels a firm favorite of so many.

What Makes Our Triple-Twist Pretzels Special?

Our chocolate covered pretzels manage to balance sweet and salt flavors so perfectly that they have enjoyed the loyal patronage from vast numbers of candy lovers out there!  These are freshly baked pretzels dipped in delicious, creamy peanut butter. It is the three layers of flavors that make these milk chocolate triple pretzel twists truly fantastic.

Then there is our famous Pretzel Bark in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and peanut butter variants — this is another highly popular innovation where chopped up pretzels enrobed in a chocolate coating of choice offer sweet lovers that hint of salt within the sweets.

Our chocolate covered pretzels are available in the triple-twist 24-ct. pack. These are a very popular choice as holiday gifts, Halloween treats, and so on. There are other variety candy gift packs that also include this product: our Party Time Chocolate Candy Buffet contains an assortment of our most popular products including those irresistible smoothie cups as well as our unique milk chocolate pretzel rods. Our Candy-Filled Mallo Mug is also stuffed with sweet treats including the smoothie cups, chocolate covered pretzels, and much more.

You can shop for our delicious sweet treats and pretzels directly from this website with just a few clicks.  If you want to learn more about our logo merchandise or corporate gifting options, call us at 1-814-944-9401 or use our contact form.