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Boyer Candy Has the Fix for Gluten Free Candy


Celiac disease is hard to manage and often leaves you craving all the treats you used to enjoy. If you have a diagnosed gluten allergy or aversion, don’t give up the things you love. It can be nearly impossible to find candy and sweets that fit within your diet restrictions. Instead of spending the rest of your life avoiding the things you love, make the most of them with gluten free candy from Boyer Candy.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Gluten Free Candy

Boyer Candy knows your sweet tooth has a craving for rich and delicious candy. That’s why they make sure their Mallo Cups are free from wheat products. Your gluten aversion shouldn’t keep you away from the candy aisle. The next time you’re in the mood for candy, reach for a Mallo Cup. Boyer Candy Mallo Cups are rich, creamy, and chocolaty without all the ingredients that are harmful to you. You’ll come back again and again for our classic and original flavor.

Treat Your Loved One to Gluten Free Candy

Even if you don’t have a gluten aversion yourself, chances are you know someone who does. Why deny the people you love the sweet taste of Boyer Candy? The next time you’re searching for the perfect sweet treat, think about your family, friends, or neighbors with celiac disease and pick up a Mallo Cup. All of our Mallo Cups come in a pack of two, so share with a friend! Rest assured they will be able to enjoy the gluten free candy without worrying about any negative effects. Our Mallo Cups aren’t just gluten free; they also come with a five-star rating and satisfied customers around the world!

We have a wide selection of gluten free options for you to choose from. Our American-made products are perfect for celiac disease sufferers or those with a gluten aversion. For more information on our gluten free candy options or to order candy online for either yourself or a loved one, visit Boyer Candy today. Your sweet tooth will be glad you did!