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Setting the Bar for Cup Candies


When you think of cup candies, what is the first one you think of? Does it come in a bright yellow wrapper with amazing Play Money inside? Well it should. Did you know that the Mallo Cup was the fist cup candy made in the USA? The Mallo Cup takes the trophy and honor of being the very first cup candy ever made in the United States, and it all happened in the 1930s in Altoona, PA, where Boyer Candy Company is still making Mallo Cups and other delicious USA made and gluten free candy treats.

With a whipped creamy center that consists of melty marshmallow and a delicious chocolate shell, the Mallo Cup has a flavor unlike anything else. It’s sweet, decadent, creamy, and even has a little hint of coconut. It’s hard to not want to put the entire thing in your mouth and devour, but the flavor is something to savor. Whether a long time fan of the Mallo Cup or newly introduced, we’re sure you’ll admire the flavor and quickly see why Mallo Cups have set the bar for cup candies in the United States.

In the 1930s, the Boyer Brothers created the delicious concoction that became known as the Mallo Cup, and set the bar for other cup candies. Today, Boyer Candy Company still manufacturers cup candies in the United States, and have expanded their offerings from Mallo Cups to other delicious cup candies! Today, Boyer fans can enjoy Smoothie Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, Mallo Cups, and even other delicious candy treats. It all started with the Mallo Cup, and Boyer still offers the same Mallo Cups you’ve grown to love.

Boyer Candy Company makes over 2 million Mallo Cups every day and takes pride in offering a product that everyone can enjoy. There’s a reason people love our candy, and we hope you become a fan of what Boyer has to offer. Most of our candy is 100% kosher, gluten free, and always made in the United States. Next time your looking for a sweet treat, try the cup candy that started it all.